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PGA Tour Tee Times

The Presidents Cup - Sep. 22-25, Charlotte, North Carolina
GolfersTimeDateStart Hole
Si Woo Kim, Justin Thomas9:02 AM PT10:02 AM MT11:02 AM CT12:02 PM ET12:02 ET16:02 GMT0:02 9:02 AM MST10:02 AM CST11:02 AM EST20:02 UAE4:02 PM 3:02 AM AET9/251
Cameron Davis, Jordan Spieth9:14 AM PT10:14 AM MT11:14 AM CT12:14 PM ET12:14 ET16:14 GMT0:14 9:14 AM MST10:14 AM CST11:14 AM EST20:14 UAE4:14 PM 3:14 AM AET9/251
Sam Burns, Hideki Matsuyama9:26 AM PT10:26 AM MT11:26 AM CT12:26 PM ET12:26 ET16:26 GMT0:26 9:26 AM MST10:26 AM CST11:26 AM EST20:26 UAE4:26 PM 3:26 AM AET9/251
Patrick Cantlay, Adam Scott9:38 AM PT10:38 AM MT11:38 AM CT12:38 PM ET12:38 ET16:38 GMT0:38 9:38 AM MST10:38 AM CST11:38 AM EST20:38 UAE4:38 PM 3:38 AM AET9/251
Sebastian Munoz, Scottie Scheffler9:50 AM PT10:50 AM MT11:50 AM CT12:50 PM ET12:50 ET16:50 GMT0:50 9:50 AM MST10:50 AM CST11:50 AM EST20:50 UAE4:50 PM 3:50 AM AET9/251
Tony Finau, Taylor Pendrith10:02 AM PT11:02 AM MT12:02 PM CT1:02 PM ET13:02 ET17:02 GMT1:02 10:02 AM MST11:02 AM CST12:02 PM EST21:02 UAE5:02 PM 4:02 AM AET9/251
Corey Conners, Xander Schauffele10:14 AM PT11:14 AM MT12:14 PM CT1:14 PM ET13:14 ET17:14 GMT1:14 10:14 AM MST11:14 AM CST12:14 PM EST21:14 UAE5:14 PM 4:14 AM AET9/251
Sungjae Im, Cameron Young10:26 AM PT11:26 AM MT12:26 PM CT1:26 PM ET13:26 ET17:26 GMT1:26 10:26 AM MST11:26 AM CST12:26 PM EST21:26 UAE5:26 PM 4:26 AM AET9/251
Billy Horschel, K.H. Lee10:38 AM PT11:38 AM MT12:38 PM CT1:38 PM ET13:38 ET17:38 GMT1:38 10:38 AM MST11:38 AM CST12:38 PM EST21:38 UAE5:38 PM 4:38 AM AET9/251
Max Homa, Tom Kim10:50 AM PT11:50 AM MT12:50 PM CT1:50 PM ET13:50 ET17:50 GMT1:50 10:50 AM MST11:50 AM CST12:50 PM EST21:50 UAE5:50 PM 4:50 AM AET9/251
Collin Morikawa, Mito Pereira11:02 AM PT12:02 PM MT1:02 PM CT2:02 PM ET14:02 ET18:02 GMT2:02 11:02 AM MST12:02 PM CST1:02 PM EST22:02 UAE6:02 PM 5:02 AM AET9/251
Christiaan Bezuidenhout, Kevin Kisner11:14 AM PT12:14 PM MT1:14 PM CT2:14 PM ET14:14 ET18:14 GMT2:14 11:14 AM MST12:14 PM CST1:14 PM EST22:14 UAE6:14 PM 5:14 AM AET9/251
GolfersTimeDateStart Hole
Patrick Cantlay, Si Woo Kim, Tom Kim, Xander Schauffele9:10 AM PT10:10 AM MT11:10 AM CT12:10 PM ET12:10 ET16:10 GMT0:10 9:10 AM MST10:10 AM CST11:10 AM EST20:10 UAE4:10 PM 3:10 AM AET9/241
Hideki Matsuyama, Taylor Pendrith, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas9:25 AM PT10:25 AM MT11:25 AM CT12:25 PM ET12:25 ET16:25 GMT0:25 9:25 AM MST10:25 AM CST11:25 AM EST20:25 UAE4:25 PM 3:25 AM AET9/241
Tony Finau, Sungjae Im, Kevin Kisner, Sebastian Munoz9:40 AM PT10:40 AM MT11:40 AM CT12:40 PM ET12:40 ET16:40 GMT0:40 9:40 AM MST10:40 AM CST11:40 AM EST20:40 UAE4:40 PM 3:40 AM AET9/241
Sam Burns, Cameron Davis, Billy Horschel, Adam Scott9:55 AM PT10:55 AM MT11:55 AM CT12:55 PM ET12:55 ET16:55 GMT0:55 9:55 AM MST10:55 AM CST11:55 AM EST20:55 UAE4:55 PM 3:55 AM AET9/241
GolfersTimeDateStart Hole
Corey Conners, Sungjae Im, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas4:12 AM PT5:12 AM MT6:12 AM CT7:12 AM ET7:12 ET11:12 GMT19:12 4:12 AM MST5:12 AM CST6:12 AM EST15:12 UAE11:12 AM 10:12 PM AET9/241
Hideki Matsuyama, Collin Morikawa, Adam Scott, Cameron Young4:24 AM PT5:24 AM MT6:24 AM CT7:24 AM ET7:24 ET11:24 GMT19:24 4:24 AM MST5:24 AM CST6:24 AM EST15:24 UAE11:24 AM 10:24 PM AET9/241
Sam Burns, Tom Kim, K.H. Lee, Scottie Scheffler4:36 AM PT5:36 AM MT6:36 AM CT7:36 AM ET7:36 ET11:36 GMT19:36 4:36 AM MST5:36 AM CST6:36 AM EST15:36 UAE11:36 AM 10:36 PM AET9/241
Cameron Davis, Tony Finau, Max Homa, Si Woo Kim4:48 AM PT5:48 AM MT6:48 AM CT7:48 AM ET7:48 ET11:48 GMT19:48 4:48 AM MST5:48 AM CST6:48 AM EST15:48 UAE11:48 AM 10:48 PM AET9/241
GolfersTimeDateStart Hole
Cameron Davis, Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas8:35 AM PT9:35 AM MT10:35 AM CT11:35 AM ET11:35 ET15:35 GMT23:35 8:35 AM MST9:35 AM CST10:35 AM EST19:35 UAE3:35 PM 2:35 AM AET9/231
Sam Burns, Sungjae Im, Sebastian Munoz, Scottie Scheffler8:50 AM PT9:50 AM MT10:50 AM CT11:50 AM ET11:50 ET15:50 GMT23:50 8:50 AM MST9:50 AM CST10:50 AM EST19:50 UAE3:50 PM 2:50 AM AET9/231
Christiaan Bezuidenhout, Kevin Kisner, Mito Pereira, Cameron Young9:05 AM PT10:05 AM MT11:05 AM CT12:05 PM ET12:05 ET16:05 GMT0:05 9:05 AM MST10:05 AM CST11:05 AM EST20:05 UAE4:05 PM 3:05 AM AET9/231
Patrick Cantlay, Tom Kim, Hideki Matsuyama, Xander Schauffele9:20 AM PT10:20 AM MT11:20 AM CT12:20 PM ET12:20 ET16:20 GMT0:20 9:20 AM MST10:20 AM CST11:20 AM EST20:20 UAE4:20 PM 3:20 AM AET9/231
Corey Conners, Max Homa, Billy Horschel, Taylor Pendrith9:35 AM PT10:35 AM MT11:35 AM CT12:35 PM ET12:35 ET16:35 GMT0:35 9:35 AM MST10:35 AM CST11:35 AM EST20:35 UAE4:35 PM 3:35 AM AET9/231
GolfersTimeDateStart Hole
Patrick Cantlay, Hideki Matsuyama, Xander Schauffele, Adam Scott10:05 AM PT11:05 AM MT12:05 PM CT1:05 PM ET13:05 ET17:05 GMT1:05 10:05 AM MST11:05 AM CST12:05 PM EST21:05 UAE5:05 PM 4:05 AM AET9/221
Corey Conners, Sungjae Im, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas10:17 AM PT11:17 AM MT12:17 PM CT1:17 PM ET13:17 ET17:17 GMT1:17 10:17 AM MST11:17 AM CST12:17 PM EST21:17 UAE5:17 PM 4:17 AM AET9/221
Tom Kim, K.H. Lee, Collin Morikawa, Cameron Young10:29 AM PT11:29 AM MT12:29 PM CT1:29 PM ET13:29 ET17:29 GMT1:29 10:29 AM MST11:29 AM CST12:29 PM EST21:29 UAE5:29 PM 4:29 AM AET9/221
Sam Burns, Cameron Davis, Si Woo Kim, Scottie Scheffler10:41 AM PT11:41 AM MT12:41 PM CT1:41 PM ET13:41 ET17:41 GMT1:41 10:41 AM MST11:41 AM CST12:41 PM EST21:41 UAE5:41 PM 4:41 AM AET9/221
Tony Finau, Max Homa, Taylor Pendrith, Mito Pereira10:53 AM PT11:53 AM MT12:53 PM CT1:53 PM ET13:53 ET17:53 GMT1:53 10:53 AM MST11:53 AM CST12:53 PM EST21:53 UAE5:53 PM 4:53 AM AET9/221
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